And Then There Were Ten: Local ANCs in Washington Supporting Mary Cheh's Bill

As previous installments -- especially here, here, and here -- have recounted, one by one Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in Washington D.C. have endorsed a bill to speed the change away from hyper-polluting, obsolete, dangerous gas-powered leaf blowers and similar equipment, and toward quiet, cleaner electric equipment.

Now a tenth ANC, number 3E, has voted to support the measure, which is proposed by D.C. Council member Mary Cheh. This means that one quarter of all the ANCs in the district, a very significant proportion for an effort like this, have taken the trouble (and paid the attention) to support this bill.

The next step is for Council Chair Phil Mendelson to hold hearings on the measure. A petition urging him to do so has attracted well over 1,000 signatures. Feel free to check it out here or through the link below.

Here is the text of a resolution that another of the ANCs, number 5B, used in recommending Mary Cheh's measure.