Washington D.C. Public Health Non-Profit Group



QCDC, or Quiet Clean D.C., is a volunteer public health non-profit group based in Washington D.C.. Since 2015,  our members have been working with elected officials, public-health and environmental experts, community representatives, and manufacturers and operators from the landscaping and lawn-care industries in order to accelerate the impending shift to cleaner, quieter, more sustainable practices in landscaping and yard care. This is an effort to bring to the capital region a change in policy that has already happened in more than 25 California cities and many others across the country. 

Our focus is to develop and oversee inclusive, local efforts that are directed toward phasing out obsolete, two-stroke gasoline powered lawn care equipment that contributes to our growing global footprint. By replacing these inefficient engines with clean and quiet battery-powered equipment, we can reduce the poisonous emissions and noise pollution enveloping our nation’s capital and the country as a whole.

QCDC works with civic, governmental, scientific, educational, and commercial groups across the country to build an alliance for these sustainable practices. We believe that Washington D.C. should not only serve as an example of technological progress and environmental awareness for the entire country, but should also set a new precedent for ecological civic duty.