Why Are D.C. Commissions Voting for Cleaner Tech (and Against Leaf Blowers)? Here They Explain in Their Own Words.

As mentioned last month, five of Washington D.C.'s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, the branch of government just below the City Council, have endorsed a bill sponsored by D.C. Council Member Mary Cheh to phase out the use of hyper-polluting, dangerously noisy, technologically obsolete gas-powered leafblowers in the District. You can read the text of Mary Cheh's proposed bill here.

Last week a sixth Advisory Neighborhood Commission, ANC 3B, voted its support for the bill. The previous item quoted the text of the resolution that ANC 4C had adopted. For the record, and because the logic used in setting out these measures is cumulatively very powerful, here are the texts of some of the other ANC resolutions:

ANC 3D. This was the beginning of it all, with an 8-1 supportive vote back in November of 2015. The resolution can be downloaded as PDF here, and is shown below:


ANC 2D. This was passed in December of last year. PDF of the resolution is available here, and text is shown below:


ANC 6D, in Southwest DC, including the Navy Yards. PDF here, text shown below.


ANC 3B, which voted just this month. PDF is here, text is shown below:



Congratulations, respect, and thanks to all District residents and supporters from elsewhere who have brought the measure to this point. The next move is up to the D.C. City Council to hold hearings on the measure and move ahead with it. On an issue with surprisingly significant environmental and public-health ramifications, it is encouraging to see local-level engagement moving forward.