The 41 D.C. Neighborhoods (and Counting) That Have Supported Mary Cheh's Bill

Here is the list of neighborhoods across the District of Columbia whose elected representatives, on Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, have supported action on Council Member Mary Cheh's bill to speed the inevitable phase-out of hyper-polluting, obsolete, noisy gas-powered leaf blowers in the District. The neighborhoods are listed alphabetically, followed by their respective ANC numbers.

Congratulations and thanks to these visionary citizen representatives. 

  1. American University (3D)
  2. American University Park (3E) 
  3. Berkley (3D)
  4. Bloomingdale (5E)
  5. Brookland (5B)
  6. Capitol Hill (6B, 6C)
  7. Carrollsburg (6D)
  8. Cathedral Heights (3B)
  9. Columbia Heights (4C)
  10. Crestwood (4C)
  11. Downtown (2F)
  12. Eckington (5E)
  13. Edgewood (5E)
  14. Fort McNair (6D)
  15. Foxhall (3D)
  16. Friendship Heights (3E)
  17. Glenwood (5E)
  18. Glover Park (3B)
  19. Kalorama (2D)
  20. Kent (3D)
  21. Logan Circle (2F)
  22. Michigan Park (5B)
  23. Navy Yard (6D)
  24. Near Northeast (6C)
  25. Near Southwest-Southeast (6D)
  26. New Mexico-Cathedral (3D)
  27. NoMa (6C)
  28. North Michigan Park (5B)
  29. Palisades (3D)
  30. Petworth (4C)
  31. Queen’s Chapel (5B)
  32. Rhode Island Avenue (5B)
  33. Shaw (2F)
  34. Sheridan (2D)
  35. 16th Street Heights (4C)
  36. Spring Valley (3D)
  37. Tenleytown (3E)
  38. Truxton Circle (5E)
  39. Waterfront (6D)
  40. Wesley Heights (3D)
  41. Woodridge (5B)

We'll update this list as more results come in.

To read more about this issue, and to consider adding your support to the thousand-plus people who have already signed a petition asking the D.C. Council to act, please visit the link below.