The Movement Goes International (Netherlands Report)

The Hague, minus leaf blowers (Vincent van Zeijst,  Wikimedia Commons )

The Hague, minus leaf blowers (Vincent van Zeijst, Wikimedia Commons)

From a reader in Holland:

I cannot recall when your group began highlighting noise-producing pollution-creating leafblowers that destroyed quiet weekends in Washington and elsewhere. But I used your articles to a good end, especially as our memories of Washington iare still very dear to us.

Quite a while ago I noticed those machines introduced in our quiet street here in The Hague so I started writing to the municipality. "Yes we'll inform such and such department" was the usual reply.

Writing to some of the many environmentally sound factions in the city council recently delivered  rather more positive reactions.

Lo and behold, I found city workers armed with the latest Husquarna electrical machine in our street today !

As Washington goes, so goes The Hague! At least on this point.