“Unbelievably Quiet and Incredibly Powerful”: Ryobi Joins the Fray

One of the big themes of this site has been “accelerating the inevitable” — speeding the move away from obsolete, hyper-polluting, dangerously noisy gas-powered equipment, and toward fast-developing new battery-powered models.

The same revolutions in battery technology that are transforming the automotive, aviation, power-storage, and other fields will also inevitably eliminate any rationale for using antiquated gas-powered equipment. It will also ease the transition in the rapidly rising number of cities, now including the District of Columbia, that have mandated a shift to battery-powered machinery.

Here is the latest indication of where business-and-technological innovation is leading: a new, low-priced entry from Ryobi, which bills this blower as “unbelievably quiet and incredibly powerful.” The purpose of this site is of course not to promote any one company’s offerings over the others’, but instead to welcome the competition among many manufacturers, established companies and newer businesses alike, to bring more effective, less costly products to the market.

More information from Ryobi’s site, here, source of the screenshot below.