From the D.C. City Council’s  legislative-status site .

From the D.C. City Council’s legislative-status site.

The ongoing saga of this site has been the effort to have the District of Columbia, home of the national government, provide a positive example for the nation in mandating a shift from hyper-polluting, outdated gas-powered outdoor equipment to modern battery-powered replacements.

Today, December 28, 2018, that measure was “enacted,” when Mayor Muriel Bowser “returned” to the city council the legislation to that effect that it had unanimously passed.

Thanks and congratulations to Council Member Mary Cheh, who introduced this bill; to Council Chair Phil Mendelson, who scheduled hearings and Council action; to all the other Council members who supported it; and to the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions across the District that offered their support.

Now, on to implementation!