The Boston Globe Weighs In

Editorial column from the   Boston Globe , November 19, 2018 .

Editorial column from the Boston Globe, November 19, 2018.

A strong column by Renée Loth in the Boston Globe. Sample:

They average over 90 decibels, beyond the threshold for risk of hearing loss established by the Centers for Disease Control. But it is their unique combination of high-frequency and low-frequency sound waves that makes them so intolerable. The low-frequency waves travel farthest and produce the worst health effects, but the high-frequency waves (think dentist drill) add a certain piquancy.

Worth reading it full, including for the column’s exploration of the “raking alternative.”

It is impressive to see how the message — specifically, that this is an antiquated and needless technology, that does a surprising amount of damage — is spreading. Congrats and thanks to the Globe and Ms. Loth.